Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a private workshop?

So glad you asked! Private workshops are a heck of a time. Grab 4-6 of your good friends and come up with a few dates that work for you. Shoot me an email. You’ll get to pick a start time. As a general rule, workshops last around four hours. Class rates run the same for private workshops - $200 a person. Payment is due on that day you book for the entire group.

Whats the age limit for workshops?

I absolutely love kids! And we’ve had so many great successes with different ages.

Things to consider- four hours is a long time to focus on one project. The tools used include torches, saws blades and files. Metalsmithing is a lot of tedious, and laborious tasks that can be tough on your fingers I believe in leaving it up to the parent to decide, you know your child best! The youngest we’ve successfully had is 11!

If your child is homeschooled, please email me for an itemized receipt for you to submit. This class can be used for credits.

Everything is sold out. When will there be more?

Soon! Making jewelry is a slow craft and pieces are usually completed one at a time. I try to update my website once per month. I announce shop updates on Instagram and if you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll send you an email reminder a few days before my newest collections go live!

Do you take custom orders?

As a general rule, I don’t take custom orders; I simply can’t give them the time they need. If you’re looking for a basic design that I’ve made in the past, keep an eye on my social media or website for the next shop update. 

Occasionally, I’ll make an exception for an extra special project like heirloom pieces or wedding bands. You are always free to ask me about making a custom piece (via email) but I can’t guarantee that I will say yes.

I really like the piece you just posted on social media...can I just buy it before the next shop update?

In the spirit of fairness, I don’t allow anyone to claim pieces before they go live in a shop update. Everyone deserves an equal shot at getting the piece(s) they want most!

Your jewelry sells super fast! What can I do to have a better chance of getting the piece(s) I want?

I’m incredibly grateful that this is one of my store’s biggest issues. But I also understand it can be frustrating. Here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Know what you want beforehand. I often post sneak peaks of what to expect on Instagram or in email announcements.
  2. Set a reminder on your phone to log on a few minutes before the update. I always announce the day and time of my future updates so you know exactly when to get online!
  3. Save your credit card number to your account so the computer can quickly fill in the details at checkout. Putting items in your cart does not hold them.

What do I do if the ring I bought doesn't fit?

If your ring is slightly too small, I prefer to resize it for you. But sometimes that isn’t possible depending on the style of the ring. If it's exceedingly big or small, we can discuss a return. Please do your best to size your finger accurately before purchasing a ring.

How do you size your finger?

The best way to size your finger is to walk into any legitimate jewelry store and ask them to size it for you. You can also order ring sizers online or measure your finger with a string and use a conversion chart. Once you know your ring size(s), I recommend keeping a note in your phone since it can be hard to remember!

Can you teach me how to make jewelry?

YES! If you live in Alaska, I offer workshops every now and then. They show up as products on my website that you can purchase. On occasion I travel outside of  travel out of Homer to host workshops!

If you don’t live in Alaska, I would love to answer your questions over zoom. You can email me about my rates and availability. 

Why isn’t shipping faster?

I live in a small town in Alaska – two-day shipping doesn’t really exist here. Even Amazon struggles to send us our packages. USPS takes about a week to ship anything to the lower 48 regardless of the delivery speed you choose. Each order is accompanied by a tracking number that you’ll receive via email as soon as it has shipped.

What’s the story behind Alpha Kilo Metalworks? 

Check out my About Me page!